4. Design Approval

AWI Employees Give Back

The following was featured in the Sheet Metal Local 18 newsletter:  I would like to recognize and acknowledge a few of our members from the Racine... more

Debunking Safety Myths

Debunking Safety Myths
Safety myths and rumors often circulate around every scenario or subject in... more

Safety 365

Alloy Welding Inc.’s. commitment to providing a safe working environment is key to their success. By maintaining the safest working environment... more

5. Project Completion

Protecting You and Your Employees from Heat-Related Illnesses:

Did you know that between 1999-2009 there were 7,233 heat-related deaths in the United States and... more

AWI Secures Large Pharmaceutical Project

 AWI Metal Fabrication is known for producing high quality stainless steel platforms, conveyors, and custom prototype designs. At AWI we serve a... more

Safety 365: The PPE Mystery

Hazards of all kinds exist in the workplace. Determining what those hazards are and deciding how to protect from them are everyday challenges for... more

1. Contact Office

Safety 365: Fall Protection

For many involved in the construction industry, fall hazards are a major concern when trades are performing certain tasks at height. Whether it’s... more