Metal Fabrication For Industrial Equipment

Metal Fabrication for Industrial Equipment

With functionality and design in mind AWI has manufactured walkways, handrails, stairways and work platforms for some of the largest earthmoving and mining equipment in the world.  
Our components are used for access to and perform service on mining shovels, blast hole drills and draglines.  
Our custom metal fabrication services are open enough to provide solutions to your complex industrial equipment needs while also adhering to strict industry standards. 

As a Quality Assurance test lab manager, it’s essential that I choose equipment built to withstand the rigors of our product reliability test protocols. Choosing the right equipment begins with choosing the right equipment suppliers. Alloy Welding, Inc. has proven to be one of the right choices. All applications of their professional services for my group have involved one-of-a-kind creations. They provided just what I needed; creativity when assisting us in the design phase and cost-effective solutions during fabrication.

-- Customer Testimonial

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