Our Process

A well thought out design, combined with our expert customization, are what demonstrate our ability to come up with unique solutions.

At AWI Metal Fabrication we will work with you from initial contact and brainstorming design concepts all of the way through project completion.  Our talented team of engineers can help walk you through each step of the process, tailoring our service around your specific needs.  

A focus on transparency of the process gives you the respect you deserve along with the honesty we value to help build and support a reliable long-term relationship to satisfy all of your metal fabrication projects. 



1. Contact Office

Contact Our Office

We will have you meet with engineers or an experienced company representative.

2. Engineered Drawings

Engineered Drawings

From there we will work off of provided engineered drawings or we will design and engineer your concept.

3. Work Estimate

Work Estimate

We will then estimate work that needs to be done, and submit to you a concept design layout made by our shop preparation team.

4. Design Approval

Design Approval

After your design approval our team will bring your concept to completion.

5. Project Completion

Project Completion

Our shop fabrication, installation, and follow up will exceed industry standards. Our attention to detail and quick turnaround provides the best experience possible.