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Since 1973 AWI Custom Metal Fabrication has been delivering the best results, by an expert staff, with a commitment to not only doing the job right, but with a focus on employee safety. 

Safety Is Our Priority

At AWI we know how important safety in the work place is and pride ourselves on our safety record. Whether in the familiar surroundings of our shop, or off-site working on projects, safety is the priority. Safety training starts on the day an employee is hired and is a constant throughout their career at AWI. Safety 365 is not just a motto; it is a culture.

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Vision and History

Our experienced team of polishers take pride in producing aesthetically pleasing products, as well as sanitary products, which will ensure the best final products possible. At AWI we can fabricate from customer supplied drawings as well as design and engineer to your specifications, with speed to market capability.

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Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff has grown since we were established in 1973.  We take pride in the experience and expertise of the staff we currently have to serve you. AWI is composed of the very best management, designers, fabricators and personnel to make sure we provide the very best outcomes to your metal fabrication related needs.

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Our Facilities

At AWI we believe in using the best equipment to help us provide you with the best outcomes to your metal fabrication solutions. Constant upgrades along with the best trained personnel give us an edge up on our competition and give you the peace of mind that allows you to focus on other things.

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